Quality, Tradition, Innovation.


I The wines “Castello di Cacchiano” are produced by the vinification of the best grapes originating exclusively from the vineyards owned by the farm. The bottling is carried out solely in the farm.

The production area is the tableland of Monti in Chianti. The vineyards are situated at an altitude that ranges from 380 to 420 m (1,247 – 1,312 feet) above sea level. Most of them have a southern exposure.

The soil composition, which is made of calcareous clay with substantial portions of crumbled limestone and sandstone, represents an excellent substratum for the cultivation of vines. Thanks to the soil and to the ideal microclimate the vines are able to develop their potential at best.

We grow mostly Sangiovese but also Canaiolo, Colorino, black Malvasia, Tuscan white Malvasia and Merlot (for the “IGT Toscana wines”).

The main vineyards have a plantation density ranging from 3.300 to 5.580 trees per hectare. A small vineyard on the top of the hill where the Castle is situated has a density of 9.200 trees per hectare.

On average we produce 120.000 bottles per year.

Innovative production techniques and respect for our tradition.

In order to have high quality results we sometimes reduce our production by means of a targeted pruning of the bunches of grapes. The maturation process of the grapes in the vineyards is constantly monitored so that the potential of the vine and of the clones can be exploited at best.

The farm cellar is provided with up-to-date equipment, which guarantees an excellent processing of the grapes also through the strict monitoring of the temperature in all phases of the grapes transformation. The whole production process is carried out by means of innovative techniques but it also respects our tradition, which has always focused on quality and on the protection of the environment.